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The Divine Path of Home Improvement

“Curb Appeal” – the aesthetic impact that home hunter feel when they see a house form the street – is a well-established factor for attracting potential buyers. It’s no wonder those remodeling projects that influence first impressions are providing the greatest return on investment for homeowners.

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Lifestyle for Living ~

Lifestyle for Living ~ Relaxation & Rejuvenation 2015 has started with gorgeous weather in Cambria and California's central coast. Visit for relaxation and rejuvenation. #Happiness A lifestyle typically reflects an individual's attitudes, way of life, values, or...

read more Coastal & Inland Communities Information Examples of Faux Paintings Faux painting became popular in classical times in the forms of faux marble, faux wood, and trompe l'oeil murals. Artists would apprentice for 10 years or more with a master...

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Cambria Computer Repair

Cambria Computer Repair Coastal & Inland Communities Information Services I do not sell computers, but I often order parts and equipment for clients. The list includes such things as memory, hard drives, network routers, wireless cards, cables, USB accessories,...

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Speak Low

Barbara Steisand When you speak love... a popular 1943 song and jazz standard composed by Kurt Weill, with lyrics by Ogden Nash This is an updated version which breathes new life into the song. Barbara made this song alive like no one else has, the movie One...

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Tool & Tips for Home Owners

How Ownership Tools 'n Tips Free Expert Advice Free Expert Advice for Your Home Don Vandervort, a regular on HGTV's "The Fix," offers free advice, buying guides, ideas and do-it-yourself help, in this one-stop source for home repair, remodeling, home-improvement and...

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Homes & Taxes

Homes and Taxes What You Can and Cannot Deduct Homeowners What You Can and Cannot Deduct This report from the IRS explains what expenses you can deduct as a homeowner. It also points out expenses that are not deductible. This section has two primary discussions: real...

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Realty Resources

Realty Resources Do Your Homework elow are links related to real estate issues, including lenders, interest rate information, and resources. If you have a favorite real estate site and it’s not listed here, please contact us so it can be added. Real Estate...

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