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I do not sell computers, but I often order parts and equipment for clients. The list includes such things as memory, hard drives, network routers, wireless cards, cables, USB accessories, printers, and accessories — basically everything but the computer itself. Virtually everything is sold to you at my cost, plus applicable tax and shipping. I comparison-shop the online retailers to find the best prices

Rick Auricchio - Cambria Computer Repair

General Macintosh training: Basics, Email & Web fundamentals, networking & file sharing, extensions & control panels, etc.
Mac OS X: Fundamentals, system setup & tuning, networking & internet, firewall settings, System Preferences, iTunes, CD burning, etc.

Email & Web access problems
System crashes and freezes, printing problems
Disk problems: “first aid” for corrupted hard drives and files

Software upgrades:
Operating system upgrades, driver upgrades for printers, scanners, etc.
Cleanup & tuning, performance optimization
Hardware upgrades and repairs:
Memory upgrades; hard disk replacement and upgrades
Memory-backup battery replacement (flat $35 labor plus battery)

Ininstallation& testing of new peripherals (e.g. printers)
Accessories & cables
Network design & setup: Wired and wireless network equipment, routers, cabling, and setup
Wireless network equipment & setup
Upgrading from dialup to cable modem or DSL
Router installation & configuration

File sharing among computers
Computer migration:
Research & recommendations for upgrading
Moving files from an old system to a new one.
Hardware Sales

Labor rates and Invoicing

My standard labor rate is $64/hour. I often do not charge for part of the time spent doing support or instruction, to keep your costs down. Travel time is not charged. For clients, email support and short telephone calls are free! (Calls over 1/2 hour will be billed at a reduced rate of $16 per half-hour.)

Invoices are mailed on the last day of each month, to all clients who have incurred charges during that month.

Telephone: 805-924-1609
Email: rick AT